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Our Solutions


Asset Tracking

Stay on Top of Your Equipment.
Trust ArionTech’s asset tracking solution to keep your assets and equipment in check. Our asset tracking solution keeps a complete inventory of all your workstations, routers, firewall, servers, virtual machines, and computer components. We provide scheduled periodic scans of your network to discover the latest workstations that have been automatically added.
Our asset tracking solution performs individual asset analysis to track hardware or software changes, including patches or any other updates.

Advanced GPS Tracking

Hit Your Target Every Time with Our Revolutionary Fleet Tracking.

Our GPS-based vehicle tracking information dashboard allows you to manage your entire fleet at all times. Take control of your fleet with our easy-to-use live data display. Our web application allows you to know the exact real-time location of each vehicle in your fleet.

Efficiency, productivity, and safety are of the highest importance when managing your fleet. Our advanced GPS fleet management system allows you to exceed those standards.

Trailer Tracking

Our trailer tracking device is designed specifically to meet the needs of trailer and semitrailer fleets. You can monitor the localization, tracking, control, and management of trailers in real-time both nationally and internationally.

Once the device is installed in the trailer, it will use GPRS to regularly transmit a set of data collected by fleet management software.


ELD Solutions

Ensure Full Fleet Compliance.

Our Electronic Log Devices (ELD) solution not only exceeds your standards, but the FMCSA standards. Our ELD solution abides by the technical specifications to facilitate and ensure standardization across firms and platforms. It generates a regular information display that is simple to transfer and allows law enforcement to easily check the log and ensure safe driver operation.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Our Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) allow drivers to complete and submit daily vehicle inspections using an in-vehicle tablet. You will receive a digital report directly sent to you that electronically details pre-trip and post-trip inspections. DVIR are necessary for firms to identify vehicle operation and safety issues. Our DVIR solution helps you to spot an issue before it escalates into a larger problem – and all without wasting paper!
Stay in the loop at all times with our DVIR solution.

Key Features:

  • PM Alerts
  • Annual Safety Alerts
  • Oil Change Alerts
  • Major Repair Alerts

Take Action with C-TPAT

Backed by the United States Customs, C-TPAT is an anti-terrorist initiative urging industry leaders to take joint action in preventing the commercial burden from being contaminated with illegal substances, including weapons, drugs, or explosives. The C-TPAT’s proposed procedures are in response to a historical situation that
altered global security parameters.

As fleet manager, you have a responsibility to both your fleet’s safety and public safety. Take action today with C-TPAT.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Improve Fleet Safety, Enhance Business Profitability.
Rest assured that you have all eyes on your fleet’s health with our vehicle diagnostics solution. Our solution delivers real-time diagnostics of your entire fleet, thereby keeping you informed and up-to-date at all times.
Not only does our market-leading solution keep you in compliance with safety regulations, but you will also enhance your business profitability. With real-time vehicle diagnostics of engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption, and more, you can take action with preventative maintenance to increase productivity and prevent costly maintenance expenses.
Be proactive. Ensure fleet safety with this simple, cost-effective solution.

Key Features:

  • Reliable, secure wireless connectivity
  • Browser configuration, diagnostics, OTA updates
  • Secure management via Device Outlook, HTTPS, Radius authentication
  • Auto redial for always-on connection