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Leading the Future of GPS
Tracking & Telematics Solutions.

Our History

For more than 6 years, ArionTech has improved fleet efficiency, fleet monitoring, safety, and business intelligence for businesses. We pride ourselves in providing invaluable trucking knowledge, industry leading technology, and optimal customer satisfaction to our clients.


Our Mission

Over 50,000 live activations. A customer base of over 1500 clients.

ArionTech provides industry leading hardware and software solutions for vehicle and asset tracking, fleet management, compliance, data analysis, safety reporting, and remote security monitoring. Our solutions cover small, medium, and large commercial and passenger vehicle fleets.

ArionTech Systems is rapidly expanding and has gained notoriety for being a superior product choice. We are proud to deliver a robust, customizable, and scalable solution, at an average cost of 30% less than our competitors.

As technology evolves, more companies are utilizing advanced wireless solutions to enhance their fleet and asset management capabilities. At ArionTech, we believe in innovation and pushing the boundaries to bring the right solutions to our clients. In everything we do, our primary focus is on the client, from the quality of our products to new solution innovation and service excellence.

The ArionTech Edge

Our industry leading 20 Section reporting time, global SIM, data storage, and three-year live retrieval are just some of ArionTech’s unique value propositions. With invaluable trucking knowledge and industry-leading technology, ArionTech has the edge on other existing products in the market.

ArionTech is quickly becoming recognized as a company that builds and installs custom solutions based on specific customer needs, regardless of the size of the fleet.

With options ranging from basic GPS tracking to CAN-Bus integration to wireless solutions and reefer integration, we are committed to deliver the fleet management solution that you need.

Join Our Team

Interested in joining the ArionTech team?

ArionTech offers career opportunities for a wide range of experts to become part of our success and growth.

Our services based on fleet tracking management and tracking devices which serves transportation with good communication.

We welcome you to join our developing team for fleet tracking management systems!